May 2024 Newsletter : May 2024 Update

Crazy Cadre Member,

Since our last update in February, we have not been sitting idle. We have some exciting updates for you.

The first is that our abstract strategy game called DOT was a semi-finalist in the Game Crafter's One-Pound Challenge. It is also a Red Stone Seller! It is available for purchase at the Game Crafter's online store and we also have a short how-to-play video.

Second, we have added more free content to our Explorers of StarSea™ campaign on World Anvil. Our latest article is a short story called "Let the New Eye Come".

Third, we have (finally) added a blog post covering our successful playtesting of DOT, Circuit, and FxRPG at DunDraCon 2024.

We are still playtesting FxRPG, and you can keep up with our progress at If you want to be involved, please be sure to reach out via email at

Until next letter, thanks for being a member of the Crazy Cadre and keep playing those #crazyfungames!

The Crazy Cockatoo Games™ Team