At Crazy Cockatoo Games™ we believe games should connect people, develop critical thinking, and promote healthy competition. We love family games with simple mechanics and fast play.

Crazy Cockatoo Games™ is involved in every aspect of gaming, from designing, to playing, to talking about it through our blogging and podcasting. We always promote safe, respectful, and responsible playing. We believe all games should be family friendly and avoid glamorizing bad behaviour.

We believe games can bring people together and build community, often creating a commonality across groups otherwise disconnected. Games are one of the universal languages of society.

Crazy Cockatoo Games™ is in the business of promoting and producing games that are so crazy fun, you'd be 😜 not to play!

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May 2024 Newsletter : May 2024 Update
Titles we Have in Development
FxRPG Role Playing System

FxRPG is a set of flexible and easily extended core mechanics for building TTRPG settings and games. Along with FxRPG, we will be releasing two TTRPG settings called 'Explorers of Starsea™' and 'Urban Rising'. Each of these settings will be built on top of FxRPG and will act as prime examples of how to use FxRPG for your own TTRPG settings. FxRPG will have an open license to ensure that everyone can use FxRPG worry-free for their own products.

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Explorers of StarSea™ Setting

In a world inspired by 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Treasure Island, Treasure Planet, and other similar genres, players find adventure exploring uncharted seas filled with unknown islands, hidden mysteries, and challenging foes. Instead of sailing on waters, players sail on seas of void and æther, commanding age-of-sail starships built to withstand the forces of the seas and to challenge the foes found therein.

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Dot Board Game

DOT is a game with just enough strategy, a sprinkle of luck… and DOTs. For a quick introduction, please see our How to Play video. DOT is played on a 3x3 grid, similar to Tic-Tac-Toe. Each of the 9 cells on the board starts with a stack of 3 DOT chips, face down. Each DOT chip has a mini 3x3 grid on its face that contains 1 to 9 dots in a unique pattern. This pattern describes the conditions under which this chip can be taken from the board to your score card. The goal of DOT is to accrue the highest score by taking chips from the board and placing them on your score card.

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Crazy Cockatoo Arcade

Merging the feel of a classic 80s arcade with the modern web, Crazy Cockatoo Arcade is home to all content developed by Crazy Cockatoo Games™. Membership includes an allotment of Astros, the in-house currency of the Arcade, which can be used to influence future features of the Arcade, enter competitions, and much more! The Arcade is nearing its Alpha-release, so sign up above for our newsletter to receive the announcement.


This game was developed for Elm Game Jam 6. Step into the role of a ProsSpectre and mine the elusive spectrite. Cash in as much of the precious ore before time and resources run out!

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Game Design Services

We also offer our services for writing utilities and aides for playing tabletop games as well as writing online games. Please contact us at to inquire.

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