A lot goes into running a game company. We would like to specifically acknowledge a few of the players that make this possible, and leave a special thanks to the many who have helped, shown support, and said a lot of payers to make this dream a reality.
Dirk Johnson
Owner, Chief Designer, and Chief Engineer. Dirk created the concepts and primary designs of all of our games including
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Stained Glass Garden
. He has a software development background, so he assists with our software projects when not involved in everything else that goes into producing games and running a company.
Adam Johnson
Partner and Lead Software Engineer. Adam is currently getting his degree in Computer Science at
, but makes time to work on our software projects. Adam is Dirk's son and partner in
Crazy Cockatoo Games
, but leaves the day-to-day running of the business to the Chief.
Stephen Lambert
Software Engineer. Stephen Lambert is getting his masters at
in Computer Science when he is not coding away on our software projects. A very solid engineer, software engineering and Stephen are a match made in heaven.
Wade Farnsworth
Game Designer and Software Engineer. Wade is one of those guys who can do just about anything. And he does.
Valerie Cromarty
Valerie is an excellent technical editor with an amazing attention to detail. Valerie did the technical editing for
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Lynette is an excellent graphics illustrator who is a pleasure to work with. She did the graphics for
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as well as designed our crazy logo.
Rhenee has her own design company called Digital 907 Graphics. Rhenee has done outsanding work on the graphics and imagery for
Stained Glass Garden
When we have seen great works, we have always wondered about the tools and processes that were used to bring it about. We thought we'd share the key tools and resources that we use to make our games possible.
We have built our site using Elm, an amazing client-side architecture and language for web development. Every web developer should give Elm a look-see.
Our HTML/CSS library is an Elm package called elm-ui. elm-ui abstracts html and css into configurable elements making defining your site's look and feel a pleasure. Don't worry, you can always fall back to Elm's HTML and CSS packages when you need to.
Not only have we built our site using Elm and elm-ui, but we have structured it all using an amazing, statically typed site generator that generates an optimized Elm progressive web app.
Our favorite public domain (CC0) images resource.
Our favorite resource for SVG graphics.
Our code editor of choice. Just keeps getting better.
Our cost effective, full-featured graphics and photo editing applications.
Our favorite game prototyping service.
Our preferred integration and deployment platform.
When it doesn't make sense to deploy with Netlify, we use Digital Ocean for all our cloud computing needs.
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