Star Fleet Warlord Client
Star Fleet Warlord
is an amazing play-by-email game set in the
Star Fleet Universe
. The primary medium for receiving and submitting turns is email. Then each player uses their own methods for tracking their maps, planning their moves, managing their economy, etc. While this is all part of the "charm" of the game for long-time players, we feel it would be an overall benefit to the game and players, both current and new, to have a web-based client to help manage the details, so that players can spend more of their time planning and strategizing.
In this light, we here at Crazy Cockatoo Games are working on that client. The following are the pre-alpha previews and we invite you to join in the conversation and provide feedback by heading to the official
Star Fleet Warlord Facebook page
Star Fleet Warlord Pre-Alpha Preview 2020.10.13
Star Fleet Warlord UI Pre-Alpha Preview 2020.10.23
SFWC Turn File Parser Example 2021-06-06
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