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Learn in minutes. Play for a lifetime.
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20 minutes or less
It's Quick!
Each game takes only 20 minutes or less. You can have a quick game or play a tournament with school and youth groups.
Crazy Fun for All Ages
It's Fun!
A mix of strategy and luck,
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appeals to players of all ages. It challenges adults and teaches children cognitive reasoning and mathematics. Using numbers and symbols,
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accommodates color-blind players and players who speak a mixture of languages.
Expansion Pack Available
It expands!
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board easily acommodates up to 6 players or teams. It is great for youth groups, school classes, families, or parties. It is simple to learn, and the dynamic play makes every game exciting.
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Learn in minutes. Play for a lifetime.
The Race is On!
Race to rid your "hand" of dice while strategically connecting to the grid on the board. In
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you place dice on the board according to their value but score according to how many you place adjacent to other dice. Simple rules, strategy that scales from simple to sophisticated, and a dash of luck ensure that
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is never the same game twice. You may have the upperhand, but a lucky roll of the dice can level the playing field. It's so much fun and takes so little time; you'll be addicted after your first game.
How to Play
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Start the game
By placing the 3 gray dice on the board with 1,3, and 5 showing. Separate the red, blue, orange, and green dice into "dice pools" for each player. Draw three dice from your dice pool to create your first "hand." The youngest player takes the first turn.
gameplay graphic 4
Place dice on the board
Each die you place must be exactly one more or one less than each adjacent die. You place dice on the board according to their value. Each turn you can place none, some, or all of the dice in your hand on the board.
Calculate your score
You score points for each die you place on the board and multiply your score by the number of dice adjacent to the dice you place. You get bonus points for covering special symbol squares when you place your dice.
Play passes clockwise
Replenish, Shake, Place
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