Middle-Earth Adventure Game Expansion
A fan work by
Brian Gross
The following are rules I worked up for MEAG (Middle-Earth Adventure Game). They are an expansion of an out-of-print game called the
Lord of the Rings Adventure Game
Iron Crown Enterprises
. This game was designed to introduce players to tabletop role-playing as well as acting as a gateway to their Middle-Earth Role Playing (MERP) and RoleMaster games. The rules were never fully developed and the planned line of five books ended after three. I took those rules and expanded them to make them more comprehensive to allow players to run full campaigns with the system (which I found to be much simpler to use than MERP or RM).
I hope you find these rules interesting and fun to play. Please feel free to contact me with questions at
Brian Gross
The works upon which this expansion was based are copyright their respective owners.
Crazy Cockatoo Games
; all rights reserved
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